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News updates on Slacker Radio.

Resveratrol encourages good bacteria to flourish Lactobacillus and Bifido. Resveratrol increased levels of the genera Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, which increased the bile salt hydrolase activity, thereby enhancing bile acid BA deconjugation and fecal excretion, … Resveratrol inhibits TMA production by gut bacteria In our current study, we found that resveratrol can remodel the gut microbiota including increasing the Bacteroidetes-to-Firmicutes ratios, significantly inhibiting the growth of Prevotella, and increasing the relative abundance of Bacteroides, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Akkermansia in mice,” said Dr. Some sufferers have found that Resveratrol increases their blood pressure. Please check your blood pressure before and during taking resveratrol. It may not be coincidence that DMB and Resveratrol are both found in grapes eg wine , but grape extract has a ton of chemicals in it. DMB is just one weak one, and an alcohol. One could still debate that Resveratrol acting like a prebiotic or probiotic in shifting gut flora may be bad for you- but then one would also have to argue that any fermented food or probiotic is also harmful — or even meat is harmful because it also shifts gut flora. But for TMAU, the proposed theory behind Resveratrol is what we have been looking for, second to an FMO3 booster, which is going to take years to get through the Trinzyme research study , which is ready for clinical trials stage pending funding.

D Arcy Masius MacManus; DMM

Online Games About Us Dumb. If you like pranks, funny pictures or practical jokes: Kill some time as you chat with God, learn what your name means, answer some trick questions, tune into classic old time radio shows, or lose yourself with one of our beatmakers.

Dating back to biblical times, this old proverb is equally true today Why do you think that is? I did a bit of digging and this is what I found about the effects laughter has on our mind, body and soul:Laughter & Your Body When we laugh, [ ].

Release of Liability Summary: Release of Liability On this page you’ll find information about how to submit a release of liability to your state’s DMV or motor vehicle agency when selling a used vehicle. You can also refer below to find out what other documentation you’ll need during the sale process. When you sell a vehicle as a private party, you’d be at risk if the buyer was to keep the vehicle titled and registered in your name and get in an accident.

That’s why, as a seller, it’s important to create a bill of sale , transfer the vehicle’s title , and cancel your car insurance policy after the vehicle is officially out of your possession. This is often referred to as a release of liability or notice of transfer. Since most states require some form of notification within a certain number of days after a vehicle sale, you’ll need to handle this task in a timely manner.

News updates on Slacker Radio.

Propagation characteristics[ edit ] Wavelengths in this band are long enough that radio waves are not blocked by buildings and hills and can propagate beyond the horizon following the curvature of the Earth; this is called the groundwave. Practical groundwave reception typically extends to — miles, with greater distances over terrain with higher ground conductivity , and greatest distances over salt water. Most broadcast stations use groundwave to cover their listening area.

Medium waves can also reflect off charged particle layers in the ionosphere and return to Earth at much greater distances; this is called the skywave. At night, especially in winter months and at times of low solar activity, the lower ionospheric D layer virtually disappears.

Broadcasting is the distribution of audio or video content to a dispersed audience via any electronic mass communications medium, but typically one using the electromagnetic spectrum (radio waves), in a one-to-many model. Broadcasting began with AM radio, which came into popular use around with the spread of vacuum tube radio transmitters and receivers.

Follow Generally speaking I consider myself to be a pretty decent social media expert. I spend hours every day reading about, thinking about and doing social media. When these things relate to Facebook, I get even more cross with myself. But then I think, is it really my fault, or should I blame Zuckers for being so shit at communication? Today, on a search for insights-related information, I stumbled across a Facebook feature where you can link your website to either your own profile or one of your pages.

I truly had no idea that this feature existed, so was unsure what it really meant. No better way to find out than give it a go. If you already knew about this, and are sitting there completely awe-struck at my ignorance, mentally erasing my name from your mind while you unlike my Facebook page , delete my website bookmark and un follow me on Twitter, then you can exit this page now and have a great rest of your life. However if you share my ignorance in this matter, and find it of interest you can read on.

A bunch of statistics that essentially let you know how many people are sharing your website content on Facebook, how many impressions you have gotten of that content on Facebook, and how many people have then visited your website through that shared content. For example, someone goes to my site and shares one of my articles on Facebook, because they find it to be just the right delightful mix of humour, information and insight of course.

All of these actions would be recorded in the Insights section. The graph above illustrates over the past month that a link to content on my site has been shared 39 times on Facebook, which has resulted in , total impressions and led to a click-through rate of 0.

What message is Trump sending other countries…

I was sent a message from the supplier before they were shipped and he said that they were made in china but very good product So, they turned up today and aside from a few things out of place, it is a very good caliper, not a geniuine mitutoyo, but a good fake. The plastic casing doesn’t fit the best and the gib adjuster screws are not central to the plastic casing holes.

All 3 had a broken tab on battery cover, apparently another tell tale sign. The certificates had matching serial numbers all 3 were different but the rest of the inspection certificate is a straight copy, from the issue number to the errors in readout at set lengths. I tested these calipers against 2 different micrometers and another caliper all Insize brand.

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Nah, it’s the emotional kind, love and obsession amongst those laugh a minute Victorians. Doctor Zhivago Reissue Quad Art: My wife’s favorite movie, a guilty pleasure for me too but don’t tell her. There is also a stripped down red art version of this that comes up now and then. A Blonde in Love Quad Art: Nice art in my opinion though, despite the watery smudge in top left.

This film is not un-related to Primitive London above, and uses some of it outtakes as stock footage for the real Windmill Girls. I suspect with an “A” rating this would likely disappoint but there would be more of the same coming soon enough, especially those naturist “documentaries”. Two Weeks in September Quad France: Woman Times Seven Quad Art: The blurb on the bottom right goes out of its way to tell you resemblance to living or dead is coincidental but of course that is exactly what you are supposed to infer, these are real Hollywood types popping pills to get through the trials of celebrity.

Poster looks to be Oscar rerelease, maybe vintage, not sure. Difficult stars, change of directors and locations all helped drag it down.

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Baykeeper is opposed to this development because it poses significant threats to the health of San Francisco Bay. We will continue to publicize opportunities for public comment on the development as the process continues. Project Background In , Cargill — the Minnesota-based multi-national agricultural giant — sold 16, acres to public resource agencies now undertaking historic efforts to restore the wetlands which were degraded through salt-making processes dating back to However, two large parcels, in Redwood City and Newark, were retained for on-going salt operations and future sale because the company determined these to be potential sites for development.

Since that time, Cargill partnered with luxury home-builder DMB Associates of Scottsdale, Arizona, to develop approximately half of the 1, acre Redwood City parcel within wetland areas currently being used for salt production. Based on the NOP and Initial Study, the project would consist of 8, to 12, residential dwelling units of various densities, including low to medium density, medium density and high density, in seven neighborhoods of varying sizes.

Kenneth F. Spence III. TRAVELERS. Executive Vice President and. General Counsel. The Travelers Companies, Inc. Connecticut. Travelers has a history of innovation dating back to patents granted in the ‘s. As an owner ofinsurance-related patents in the fields of dmb * Title: Satellite Offices.

Before the request period ends, please check the Ticket Status Page and confirm the details of your ticket request. If a request is chosen during the random selection process, your credit card may be charged at any time between Wednesday, January 24th and the date confirmations are issued, Monday, January 29th. All members who place a ticket request will be entered to win a flyaway for two to the Denver shows on August 24th and 25th. Members who place a request are also eligible for the Golden Ticket!

Click here to request tickets. Citi cardmembers can register through January 18 to unlock access to tickets and use their Citi card to complete the ticket purchase via Verified Fan. Only fans that have received a unique code will have the chance to purchase tickets for performances on Friday, January 19th at 10am ET. The Warehouse secured a limited allotment of tickets to give away to Warehouse members to see this exclusive Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds performance.

Please click here for more details. All confirmed tickets will receive a copy of the new album when the album is released. Click here for details. Requests are NOT first come – first served. Confirmations will be posted on Monday, January 29 During the Warehouse request period, members may request general tickets, exclusive Premium Packages, Premier Parking and Camping.

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Negligence in a medical setting takes 2 primary forms; commission and omission. Either type of medical malpractice can cause injury or even death to the patient. Both are grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

TMAU Dating Romancing Rare Hearts. TMAU Movie. THE BOY WHO SMELLS LIKE FISH Movie also called, TREADING WATER Differences between DMB and RESVERATROL. an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to , or , , , or.

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News updates on Slacker Radio.

From Robert Cialdini — lots of material for discussion in class Does Trump simply share attitudes or also amplify them? It is framed well to serve as a discussion starter in your classes. When does repetition of misinformation become fact? Several scenarios illustrating these ideas are included that can be used with students.

Baykeeper Opposes the Redwood City Saltworks Development Redwood City is considering a real estate proposal to develop 1, acres on former salt ponds at the edge of the Bay. Baykeeper is opposed to this development because it poses significant threats to the health of San Francisco Bay.

This is also the case when new or unknown compounds need to be identified in complex organic mixtures. Once sufficient amounts of the desired compound are obtained, structural elucidation can be determined by using additional analytic techniques, such as nuclear magnetic resonance, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, x-ray crystallography, and accelerator mass spectrometry.

In these cases, preparative-GC prep or preparative multidimensional gas chromatography, suitably designed with necessary trapping and heart-cutting devices in a conventional GC, can be used to isolate a single compound. This is achieved by the use of either a single collector or multiple collectors with flow switching that allows multiple component isolation.

The amount of analyte collected can be increased with multiple injections, thus ensuring that the analyte obtained is of sufficient purity and collected in a quantity that allows for structural characterization. This article outlines approaches to the preparative technique and provides selected illustrative applications.

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With band information, tour dates, photos, sound and video clips, lyrics, setlists, merchandise, and more. Absolut Dave Matthews Band – News, info, mp3’s, audio files, pics, lyrics and more. Also includes guidlines for posting, and links to some of the most requested sites. Still in creation, but it will be fully active by the end of Jan, ‘ Dave Matthews Band Bootleg collections searchable by song, date, guest, etc.

Jun 15,  · Chris Hardwick pulled from AMC, Comic Con panels following abuse allegations by ex-girlfriend. The TV host was also scrubbed from Nerdist, the sci .

On Tue, 03 Aug For every 3dB below 0dBm, you get half your power. Turn in your ham license and reread the study guides. S-Units are an ancient anacronism left over from the stone age of thermionic valve tube receivers. The characteristic curve between receiver input signal level and indicated AGC automagic gain control DC level was anything but linear or even consistant.

Someone decided to establish a reference signal level. S-9 magically became 50 microvolts because either Collins of Hammarlund I forgot which managed to make receivers that would consistantly read S-9 with 50 uv of RF. I dunno what frequency was used for testing. It’s anything but a standard and suffers from serious errors and guesswork.

Most of todays cell phones have genuine logarithmic amplifiers to detect IF signal strength before limiting. The output is fairly linear well, fairly logarithmic and can be used as an accurate measure of signal stength assuming you don’t attach an external RF amplifier stage. If you hack your cell phone into the test mode, you’ll get a display of receive signal in -dBm without the – sign.

Anyway, -dBm and sometimes uv are the standard for receive signal strength. Sometimes cell phones and

Dave Matthews Band Live in Lisbon – Grey Street 10.11.15

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